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Sylvain Hamann

Web Developer

I am from France, I love the Web, especially Progressive Web Apps. I mostly do Front-end development (React, Redux, ES∞...) but I do enjoy Backend as well (Node.js, NoSQL, WordPress...). As you can see on my Twitter, I like following the last updates and trends related to the web (plus Japanese stuff sometimes). I think it's important as a web developer to stay curious and challenge yourself. I like sharing and teaching, so I often go to meetups and I also organize internal training with co-workers.

I graduated from LumiΓ¨re University Lyon 2 in 2013. I have a Bachelor’s degree (in France we call that a Licence) in statistics and computer science and a Master’s degree in multimedia.

During my studies, I have interned at four different companies in France, Luxemboug and South Korea. I am really used to work in a multicultural environment. After I graduated, I have worked as a web developer for two years at Asiance, a digital agency located in Seoul. I also have worked in Tokyo as a front-end developer for two digital agencies. I initially joined Netwise for eight months and then I worked at Cream for roughly one year. I've made web applications and responsive websites for worldwide clients like Lacoste or Air France. I also have contributed to unconventional projects like the Lausane University Hospital's interactive map.

Nowadays I work at Ubisoft Montreal in Canada as a web developer. I am giving my best to enhance the user experience on Ubisoft Club applications (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Web, iOS and Android).

View my complete resume on LinkedIn.
Browse my portfolio on Behance.
See some of code on GitHub. (Only personal projects)

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