Sylvain Hamann

Sylvain Hamann

Web Developer
Statistics lover

About me

I am a 27 years old French man living in Tokyo. I have been working as a web developer for the past four years. I mostly do Front-end web development but I do have experience with Back-end web development as well.

I graduated from Lumière University Lyon 2 in 2013. I have a Bachelor’s degree in statistics and computer science and a Master’s degree in multimedia projects.

During my studies, I have interned at four different companies in France, Luxemboug and South Korea. I am really used to work in a multicultural environment. I have worked as a web developer for two years at Asiance, a digital agency located in Seoul. I have made modern web applications and responsive websites for worldwide clients like Lacoste or Air France. I also have worked at Netwise for eight months, a Tokyo-based digital agency specializing in ecommerce and multi-lingual website development. Now I am a Front-end Developer at Cream, a Tokyo and Lausanne based Digital Agency.

See my complete resume on LinkedIn.
Browse my portfolio on Behance.

My workflow

Before starting a project

  • I gather the information about the project: Do we build a new website / web app? or is it a redesign? etc...
  • I can provide advices to the Web Designer so (s)he designs with my development in mind.
  • I am confortable to solve issues related to user experience, responsivity, motion and others user interface details.
  • I list all my tasks and their dependencies with time estimations (e.g. on Teamwork, Basecamp or Asana).
  • I prepare my local development environment (npm, Gulp, Bower...).
  • I define the workflow and the staging / production servers requirements with others developers (if any).
  • I work hand in hand with the marketing team in order to specify all the trackers they will need for their insights. For the implementation I would use Google Analytics or any other solution.
  • I setup a Git repository, I usually make three branches: dev, staging and prod and I manage them with Sourcetree.

During the development

  • I follow up my tasks so my team is aware about their status.
  • I am not stick to one framework or library but I am a huge fan of Foundation for Sites. I can easily switch to any other responsive framework like Bootstrap.
  • I use Sass with BEM but again, I could switch to Less.
  • I do my best to code commented and cleaned ES6/2015 code.
  • I have coded a lot with AngularJS, I am currently moving to Angular 2 and TypeScript.
  • I enjoy adding meaningful animations and transitions to the content.
  • I understand Mobile First concept and I think Offline First is the future.
  • I think that webpages performances optimization is mandatory (CSS and JS minification, reduce number of HTTP requests, deliver resized and minified images etc..).
  • I take care of the SEO and the SMO by respecting W3C conventions when I code HTML. I manage websites with Google and Bing webmaster tools.
  • I always try to improve the accessibility of each website or web application.
  • I use BrowserStack to do mobile and cross browser testing. I always make sure to apply a graceful degradation for older browsers. I have used Selenium (automated testing) and Karma (while learning AngularJS) few times. I also read A/B testing case studies to stay up to date.
  • I have basic knowledge of PHP and relational databases with MySQL and SQL. I've also worked with Node.js and on NoSQL databases with MongoDB and PouchDB.
  • I am able to handle the development of a WordPress website. I like using the starter theme FoundationPress.
  • I have worked with Mailchimp several times. I also have made responsive templates for newsletters with Foundation for Emails 2.