Sylvain Hamann

Web Developer
Statistics lover

About me

I am a 26 years old French man living in Tokyo, I am passionate about new technologies, Asian cultures, and video games. I would like to work on multimedia projects (i.e. web, mobile, video games) in order to use my various skills in development, statistics, project management and community management.

I graduated from Lumière University Lyon 2 in 2013. I have a Bachelor’s degree in statistics and computer science and a Master’s degree in multimedia projects.

During my studies, I have interned at four different companies in France, Luxemboug and South Korea. I am really used to working in a multicultural environment. I have worked as a web developer for two years at Asiance, a digital agency located in Seoul. I made modern web applications and responsive websites for worldwide clients like Lacoste or Air France. I also have worked at Netwise for eight months, a Tokyo-based digital agency specializing in ecommerce and multi-lingual website development. Now I am a Frontend Developer at Cream, a Tokyo & Lausanne Based Digital Agency which strives to mobilize brands through Mobile & Web Apps, Responsive Websites and Digital Marketing.

If you want more details about my experience then check out my LinkedIn profile! Do you want to see my work? You can discover most of my projects on Pinterest.

Some of my work

KLM 30th Anniversary

KLM 30th Anniversary

I created a Facebook game to celebrate their anniversary in South Korea. The purpose was to invite a friend to book a seat in your virtual plane to try to win a ticket to Amsterdam.

Since it was a Facebook app, I used a lot of Facebook API functions (login, share, friend list etc..). I chose the framework AngularJS to handle the routing, the cookies and many others things like DOM manipulation.

Roughly 13,000 people participated in this event.

France is in the Air

France is in the Air

Air France made a campaign to promote Paris as a hub to encourage people to travel around the world via Paris. People could participate to a lucky draw by leaving a comment about their favorites destinations.

A lot of Koreans navigate the internet with their smartphones. To ensure a quality User Experience on every kind of device, we worked on a mobile first design.

There were approximately 15,000 users.



I worked on several projects for the French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I developed frontend and backend features for the main website, which is based on the PHP framework Symfony. I was in charge of their annual gala website in both 2013 and 2014.

I also helped them to manage their social media and their Wordpress blog.

I used tools like Basecamp, Yeoman, Gulp, Bower, Git and more... to optimize my team work and my code.